Creating Your Vision

The concept of Vision is an interesting thing. It's about painting a picture of a future that people feel drawn to and want to contribute to. Usually it has little to do with numbers and targets and everything to do with the emotional connection people feel towards it. A well thought through Vision can help people to understand where they’re going, what they’re a part of, and what they’re collectively trying to achieve.

It's summed up in the iconic story of the man sweeping the floor in a NASA warehouse, and when asked what he was doing, he said, "I’m helping to put a man on the moon."

It’s encapsulated in the tale of three men laying bricks, and when asked what they were doing one answered, "I’m laying bricks", the second answered, "I’m building a wall", and the third answered, "I’m building a Cathedral". All of them are true, but the third man feels a connection to something greater than the mundane day to day task of laying bricks and building walls – he knows he's making a contribution to a goal that's much more meaningful and worthwhile. Vision has the potential to capture people's imagination about what might be possible, and engage them in helping to create a powerful collective ambition.

But does it have any real value? We would say that the answer is a resounding "YES!" in our experience. In a recent Vision project we ran with a water company, we had one engineer come along to contribute to a session on what might be included in the organisation's Vision. At the beginning of the session he described himself as someone who greased pumps, and when he left after a few hours of dreaming about the future and talking with colleagues about what his company actually does, he left saying, "I've realized that what I do every day keeps our children safe, because I help to provide them with clean safe drinking water".

Here’s our approach to helping you develop your Vision:-

  • We engage a range of people in the conversation, regardless of hierarchy or status, to seek a broad range of views on what your organisation could become. In the initial stages, it’s about engaging staff and encouraging them to think and dream about the future.
  • We help you to analyse the common themes coming from a range of views and focus your Vision in a powerfully emotional way that your people can connect to.
  • We encourage you to align everything behind your Vision from your strategy to your brand and employee proposition.
  • We help you create pictures and stories to describe how the person sweeping the floor is helping you put someone into orbit. And that makes it easier for everyone to understand your Vision and connect to it in a meaningful way.

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