Case Studies

Multi Tier Development Programme


Our client is one of England’s largest not-for-profit providers of housing and care to the elderly; with a turnover of £265m, operating across 1,000+ locations and with 10,000 personnel.  External changes in government funding to the elderly care sector raised big questions within the organisation as to who their primary customer is and there was a real and urgent requirement to develop and implement an effective customer strategy to address this.  Internal challenges included different management processes, IT systems and business plans as well as the lack of one over-arching strategy.

What did our client require?

The need for leadership at all levels – there were no easy answers. The client needed clarity of purpose and to decide what service(s) they want to offer based on what they can do best. The change in protocols around care funding required the organisation to develop a cost-effective means of bringing their service to market. It was imperative that a fully integrated approach to the customer journey be developed and that a sustainable approach to commercial caring be implemented.

The fundamental issue of there being insufficient funds in the care system needed addressing. In the current financial crisis words are being used in the sector with which that sector is not always familiar and the client needed to ensure its’ managers lead and manage the organisation well, particularly in respect of sustainable services, return on investment and strategic decision making.

How did we respond?

Our initial focus with this client was to design and deliver a bespoke leadership development programme for their top 50 senior leaders.  In collaboration with the client we developed a leadership competency framework and ran a series of robust development centres attended by all senior managers helping them identify their own specific development needs against the benchmark of the competency framework. As part of the leadership development programme, we also identified a tangible gap in the training provision for frontline, mid and senior managers within the organisation. 

What did we deliver?

Following successful delivery of the leadership development programme, the client approached us asking for our recommendations on how to address the training requirements of 500 frontline and middle managers. We undertook a collaborative design process with the client to build a highly targeted blended learning solution which will, over the next two years, develop and stretch the capabilities of all three management tiers.    

What did this mean for the client?

Our approach enabled the Executive team to reach clarity on the organisation’s core competencies. We produced a training and development specification designed to satisfy their aspirations to succeed as a first-choice national care provider for the elderly.  Based on this specification, we established a learning solution targeting the key areas of skills development. This programme is “live” with a 2-year roll-out and delivery in multiple locations, incorporating three distinct tiers of participants.