Case Studies

Team Needs Analysis for a Call Centre


The client, a call centre operation offering white label contact services to high profile names, such as O2, Hilton Hotels and BSkyB approached ethos asking us to complete a Team Needs Analysis of their 400 strong call centre staff. The client wanted a report with recommendations that they could implement using existing internal resource with support to enhance their skillsets.

What did our client require?

Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic market, the client had undergone a sustained and pressurised period of flux. Senior management were aware that the longer-term productivity of their engaged and motivated team would rely heavily on ensuring that their on-going training and operational needs were fully addressed.  It was time to move from a high energy, reactive state to a more proactive and responsive one.

How did we respond?

Working closely with the senior team, ethos designed and undertook a detailed and robust TNA, focusing on specific areas which could threaten or impact on the delivery of customer service excellence. We conducted a series of focus groups with frontline personnel to establish how they felt the organisation could best support them to fulfil their demanding role.  Concurrent with this, we undertook a thorough examination of existing procedures, protocols, rostering, IT support systems, workloads and training programmes, which included a review of the customer service satisfaction metrics (CSAT) and the current balanced scorecard. 

What did we deliver?

We delivered a detailed report outlining our findings and listing a number of short, medium and long term interventions they could undertake to ensure that performance and motivation levels remained high.   The recommendations included a suggested outline for a step-by-step 12 month performance improvement programme, targeting process improvement, management training, IT service support, employee engagement and the creation of a real-time escalation procedure which would ensure that customer service satisfaction levels would remain consistently high.

What did this mean for the client?

Through our robust TNA, together with our detailed report and recommendations, the client developed a sound understanding of where focused development input could make a real and tangible difference to the performance of this fast-paced call centre.  Our recommendations enabled our client to enhance the capability of existing internal resource, allowing them to put the customer at the heart of their business and deliver higher value to their customer base.