Personal resilience


Anyone who feel they would benefit from understanding their own levels of resilience and are interested in how they can learn to become more resilience.


  • What resilience looks and feels like

  • Barriers to resilience

  • How to identify and deal effectively with stress and pressure

  • How to refill your resilience reservoir

  • How to cultivate a positive and resilient mindset


In this masterclass, we will explore how Resilience is like a river, that comes from a deep reservoir.
When the river is high the water whooshes over the rocks, not taken off course, and the rocks in the river are respected and help the river to flow.  When the water is low it’s the opposite. Rocks are felt much more, and the river can easily be pushed off course. There is a tremendous effort in getting a good flow, of moving towards where the river needs to go. Knowing where your own resilience is at any one moment can help define the capacity you have for what you have to do. It contributes to your wellbeing and your ability to perform. It defines your ability to steer towards a goal, or whether you can be taken off course. It defines the pace you can operate at. It defines whether you feel good or not good.

This session informs us how to ensure our resilience river is flowing and what to do when the river is low so we can navigate the turbulent and uncertain world we live in today. You’ll learn how to build up vital skills and develop behaviours which make someone resilient and helps them thrive when they face adversity.