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If you're operating in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment or market, then our VUCA approach will help you gain clarity from complexity.

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Change Leadership is often about your levels of personal confidence, and we run programmes to improve your confidence in dealing with uncertain situations.

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We always suggest you talk to at least two, and preferably three of our Executive Coaches, and then YOU decide which Coach is your "Best Fit".



When you join an ethos online workshop, you’re in for a highly interactive experience. There aren’t many slides, and there’s definitely no lecturing going on here. 

who we are

At ethos, we’re experts in change, and we specialise in culture change - that nebulous thing that can't always be described, and yet has an enormous impact on how people perform.


Our "Frogs & Ponds" video describes our process perfectly - we're interested in all aspects of culture, not just training people. We believe that creating a positive culture, and learning how to create a positive result from change is a key function for any leader in any organisation.


We work collaboratively with our clients - from developing a vision and strategy that sets your direction, to engaging your staff in implementing practical changes that really make a difference to your business. As we work together, we transfer our skills to your people, ensuring that the changes you make can be sustainably maintained by your own internal experts.

become a virtual trainer or facilitator


Due to the lockdown restrictions of COVID-19, all face to face workshop training is likely to have been cancelled.


Trainers, Facilitators, Change Managers and HR Professionals around the world are facing the challenge of converting their material or creating new courses and delivering them in an online format.

There are many different platforms available, and the learner experience is different from face to face sessions in some important ways.

We have created an online programme to help you prepare, manage and run online workshops for your business and customers.

are you remote working?

You might have seen lots of helpful tips on working from home recently, but what about managing a team from home?

If you're a leader who's teams usually work in an office, how do you ensure you continue to support them as they transition to a new virtual working environment?


Our team here at ethos have put together our Top Tips For Managing Remote Teams and Home Working.

Click the previews below to view and download.


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