Checking in, not checking up


Any manager/leader of teams.


  • What the “Check-In” is and what it is not

  • Maintaining empathy and trust

  • Starting with the end in mind – ending a check-in in the reward state

  • Feeling at ease – the art of feeling relaxed in a “Check-In”

  • Using SCARF in the moment


In our normal workplace, we often rely on maintaining a professional persona, being cautious in terms of what we can say to whom, avoiding disagreement and admissions of mistakes, and often avoiding risks and difference. There can sometimes be a lack of openness and trust, and that can lead us to feel worried, or confused. In recent times online communication has, in many cases, added to the frustration.  There is less face-to-face interaction and more recourse to direct, blunt forms of messaging. Many of the long-established traditions of behaviour – subtle codes of manners and reference – can be swept away as our state fluctuates between threat and reward. Therefore, we need more “conversational intelligence” among both managers and colleagues – better conversation  kills that equip us to be both resilient and adaptable, and to appreciate the benefits of our different circumstances and experiences. This masterclass focuses on how we can all have more human conversations that simply allow us to connect as humans.