Dealing with stress & anxiety


Anyone who feels their current work or home situation is causing them to change their habits or behaviours, or who feels upset or distressed as a result of our current unusual situation. Anyone who would like tools or strategies to support a family member’s distress


  • How to step back, think and put situations into context

  • How important “planning your day” can be

  • A raised awareness of how you think and what you pay attention to

  • How to manage your thought process effectively

  • Identifying the most productive part of the day for you.


Lots of us are being asked to do so many different things we’ve never had to do before. For some of us it’s a new experience to be working from home. For others it may be that you’re working in the office in unusual circumstances with reduced resources. Being asked to do any of these things that don’t seem “normal” to us can cause us to experience entirely new emotions – it’s been described as the “CoronaCoaster”, a roller-coaster emotional ride that has us up one day and down the next.  In these unusual times, you’re not alone in feeling emotions that may be new to you. In this session, we will explore how prioritising our task lists and creating structure in our lives can help us; How creating space for every aspect of our lives can relieve anxiety and feelings of stress; And how paying attention to our own emotional and physical wellbeing can be enormously beneficial to helping us feel balanced and healthy.