The resilient leader


Any manager/leader of teams.


  • How to apply resilient and agile behaviours to help teams during periods of change and crisis

  • How managers can help build resilient thinking and behaviour

  • How to find purpose and avoid helplessness

  • How stress, resilience and emotional intelligence link.


In this masterclass we will discuss how important it is to remind ourselves that being Resilient during these challenging times isn't about "Toughing it out" or "Coping" or having a "Stiff Upper Lip". Over the last few months we've all been asked to do things we've never done before - work from home, manage teams from home, maintain customer contact from home, and all of that on top of keeping our families safe from coronavirus AND perhaps homeschooling our children - it's such a lot to take on in a very uncertain world. Resilience is essentially about the positive changes that you can make to better equip you and your team to recognise and deal with the pressure and stress of an uncertain and changing world. How it applies in a workplace setting is often to do with managing difficult situations and conversations, dealing with stressful workloads, or maintaining purpose and calm during change or in a crisis.

This session will help you to understand that resilience comes not just from within you, but also from the climate you create and the relationships you foster. It will provide you with insight into methods you can apply to maintain your personal and team resilience, and to “bounce back” when required.