Thriving in a volatile and uncertain world


Anyone at any level who’d value a discussion on what it feels like to be at work right now.


  • What it feels like to be in a world that is constantly Volatile and Uncertain

  • How we know when we’re ok, and when we’re not ok?

  • How we can maintain a feeling of confidence and competence

  • Explore what triggers us to make rash choices, rather than rational, logical choices

  • Look at ways we can maintain a level of calm energy.


In the middle of a crisis, it’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed and frightened by what’s happening. The lack of control we feel about the situation across the country can cause us to experience feelings of being either frozen and unable to carry out our normal work, or frazzled with so much going on we don’t know which way is up.

In this session we will explore what it feels like for each of us to be at work right now, acknowledging that the experience is different for all of us. We’ll focus on paying attention to when we feel good, how we can increase our sense of Confidence and Competence, and how we can maintain a frame of mind that allows us to make logical and wise choices. We’ll discuss how you can raise your own awareness of what keeps you in a balanced, happy and confident place, and we’ll provide you with some ideas on activities and exercises you can use to keep you there.