online masterclasses

When you join an ethos online masterclass, you’re in for a highly interactive experience. There aren’t many slides, and there’s definitely no lecturing going on here. We’re interested in participative dialogue, and our sessions are designed with that in mind.

Every one of our masterclasses will engage you in conversation, encourage you to participate in polls and questionnaires, and even invite you to draw on the screen while we’re in a discussion.

Our online sessions are fun, involving and we guarantee you won’t be bored!

Browse below to explore our current range of 60 min online masterclasses,  and if you’d like to book a masterclass for your organisation, please contact  to discuss how we can help

Checking in, not checking up

In a remote working environment where everyone is super busy, it’s important to adopt a supportive management style. In this session we’ll explore the impact of how your style can affect the performance of your team either positively or negatively. We’ll provide tools and ideas on how to “Check in” with your team members, creating an environment that allows everyone to perform well.


Courageous conversations

In this masterclass, we will explore different ways to think about challenging business situations and provide practical tools to help you work through difficult conversations.


Dealing with stress & anxiety

This session focuses on some practical guidance on how to establish and maintain balance in your life. We’ll explore how you think and what you think about, how you structure your day, and how you design you ideal day to make you feel strong and competent whatever you’re doing.


Great wellbeing conversations

Whether at work or home, having strong reliable relationships can provide valuable support in times of need. Powerful relationships can be a big help in managing our feelings of anxiety or stress and help us to be resilient.
In this session, we explore how to recognise when people around you may need support, and discuss how we can use our conversational skills to offer support when it’s required.


Leadership and management in times of change

In this interactive session, we’ll ask you to consider a “live” change you are going through right now and consider different ways you might manage or lead that specific change. We’ll also explore a pragmatic model of change that can help you lead your teams through uncertain times.


Leading in VUCA times

Leading in these Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) times isn’t easy. In this session we will discuss how to effectively lead your teams during challenging uncertain times, requiring skills that are very different to the normal technically specific skills leaders have typically used in the past.


Managing your self talk

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I can’t do this”, then this session is for you. We explain the powerful impact the voice in your head can have on your mood, your behaviour, and your ability to live a balanced daily life. We provide you with frameworks to raise your self awareness and manage how you think.


Personal resilience

In this session, you will learn how to build vital skills and develop behaviours which make you resilient and help you thrive when faced with adversity.


Surviving and thriving in remote teams

This session will share methods and tips for connecting your team in a virtual way, engaging the team in designing the principles to work by and acknowledging what they need from their leader right now.


The resilient leader

This session will help you to understand that resilience comes not just from within you, but also from the climate and the relationships you foster. We will discuss how to maintain your personal and team resilience, stay balanced, and “bounce back” when required.


Thriving in a volatile and uncertain world

In the middle of a crisis it’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed and frightened by what’s happening. In this session we unpack what it feels like to be at work right now, and explore how we can maintain a frame of mind that allows us to stay in a happy, balanced and confident place.