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(Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity)


If you're operating in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment or market, then our VUCA approach will help you gain clarity from complexity. In collaboration with Psychotherapists in the University of Leeds, we have developed our own method of exploring the Complex and Ambiguous business context many of us operate in. We provide time and space to discuss the nature of your own complex operating environment, and then, using models developed by Psychotherapists at the University of Leeds we provide you with new ways of thinking: Tools to shift your mindset and methods to influence your environment to gain more understanding. These workshops have been very well received and our current clients have found them to be enormously helpful in developing Confidence, Mental Health and Wellbeing in their people.

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Change is around us all the time, but we don't believe the old adage that "People Don't Like Change" - in fact, the evidence suggests just the opposite. People regularly change all aspects of their lives, and what they don't like is the uncertainty that comes with Change. So we work with leaders in organisations to support them in providing as much certainty as they possibly can in uncertain times. Change Leadership is often about your levels of personal confidence, and we run programmes to improve your confidence in dealing with uncertain situations.

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We think it's really important that you select your own coach rather than have one appointed to you. So in our coaching world, we always suggest you talk to at least two, and preferably three of our Executive Coaches, and then YOU decide which Coach is your "Best Fit". Once you've selected your Coach, they will work with you over a period of typically 6-9 months, clarifying your expectations of the process and introducing you to new ways of thinking and being. Our Coaching can take the form of helping you unpack and understand an issue; Introducing tools and techniques to help you explore different ways to approach a subject; Preparing you for an upcoming event; or simply providing a confidential sounding board.

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Our self developed model of "Functional Integrated Teams (F.I.T.) looks at all aspects of team life. Do you know each other? Do you like each other? Are you clear on your Team Purpose etc. Our team events are designed for your specific needs, and yet we find that many teams are operating with the same barriers. Our approach goes to the heart of creating high-performance teams - how to create a Trusting work environment where all members of the team can perform to the best of their ability.

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For 15 years we've been running Leadership Programmes tailored to the specific needs of our clients with enormous success. We provide a series of bespoke immersive experiences over a 9-12 month period with regular re-connects to keep Leadership front and centre of everyone's minds. We utilise approaches such as Classroom-based Workshops, Business Simulations; Real-Time Strategic Planning events; Peer Learning Groups; Videoconferencing; WhatsApp Groups and other methods that keep our clients continually re-focusing on their roles as leaders. These are not "training programmes", they are complete processes designed to create a Community of Like-Minded Leaders in your organisation.

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There are huge benefits to managing an organisation as a whole system; Better alignment and direction; Clearer roles and responsibilities; Better overall results. The traditional fragmented structures we’ve all been brought up with (Operations; Finance; HR; Purchasing etc) assumes that each part can be managed individually, with the system taking care of itself. This creates the belief that it is important to keep people busy, keep them working, keep them productive. However, many organisations we visit are busy working on the wrong things, busy fixing issues that they have created and busy serving targets rather than serving the customer. We encourage everyone to take a step back and consider the whole system and it’s inter-dependencies that aren’t always immediately apparent. Identifying these inter-dependencies can help us to target a few critical areas or relationships to change in sequence so the whole system can perform more effectively. The switch to systems thinking has the potential to transform the customer experience, make the organisation much more effective and make it a much better place to work. 

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Emotional Literacy is an essential part of Leadership in our view. It's the art of being Self Aware - knowing enough about yourself to appreciate and understand your own drivers and how your values and beliefs can impact on those you work with. All of our Leadership Development Programmes and our VUCA work involves elements of Daniel Goleman's model of Emotional Intelligence.

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Being clear about your organisational Vision can be very motivational for all of your people. If you think of a Vision as describing your organisation's fundamental reason for existing beyond just making money, people can engage with that idea to a much greater extent than a profit target on a spreadsheet. We can help you develop a Vision that describes your non-monetary purpose and benefit to society - it answers the question: Why are we here, and what are we for? Your Vision describes the WHY - your Values describe the HOW. Being clear on how you want people to behave towards each other, how you want your people to treat your customers, and how you want your leaders to support your people creates clarity that everyone can find helpful. But values are of little benefit when they’re simply stated on a poster or shown on a screensaver. We help you to align everything you do behind your values, ensuring your systems, processes, customer contacts and people management systems align behind HOW you want to be as an organisation, And it can bring real visible bottom-line benefit to the business when everyone clearly understand why we’re here and how we’re going about delivering your Vision to your customers.